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Understanding Statistics

Statistics collected by BPS Statistics of Bali Province covers almost all aspects of Balinese life. These statistics picture vital information about Bali province economic performance, people's welfare, and environment conditions across Bali province's territory. Statistics forms foundations of democracy in Bali and gives important knowledge for understanding health conditions and development of the population. We are rely on statistics that able to be seen, accessed, and reflect the real life conditions of the society. We also rely on society that understand statistics and able to use the information as good as possible for our better future, giving a clear and responsible arguments, and also develop a fact based policies for decision making process. .....Read More

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BPS Statistics of Bali Province's Statistical Services

BPS Statistics of Bali Province undertake to give statistical services to the data consumers towards all possible media both online or offline. Online media used by BPS Statistics of Bali Province are including this website. However, due to limitations of data provided by this website, to expand the services, consumers can also use our online consulting facilities to contact our staff trough Yahoo Messenger and Skype accounts or by emails. Consumers can also consult to our staff offline by phone or fax. If possible, consumers also welcomed in our public library located in Jalan Puputan No. 1 Renon Denpasar Bali Indonesia(Monday – Thursday, 09:00 am – 14:00pm, Friday, jam 09:00am – 12:00pm). For detailed information see pages Statistical Services BPS Provinsi Bali.

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